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On The Chris Chavez Path to Teaching, you will receive the tools necessary to cultivate an Open Heart, a Clear Mind, and a Free Body. The Path is one of the most comprehensive certification programs in the world. Yoga teacher-trainer, Chris Chavez, is in high demand internationally. Chris is known for his personalized approach, his strong desire to nurture teachers, and his ability to build community. Be a part of the magic!

The 200-hour Chris Chavez Path to Teaching is open to anyone wanting to go deeper in their understanding of yoga, their practice, and the knowledge of their True-Self. The 200-hour Path is offered in two separate and sequential stages and is the foundation for The Cihangir Yoga 300 Hour Path to Transformative Living and Teaching.

Stage 1

Stage 1 consists of a 100-hour Practice Intensive that is sub-divided into 3 parts. Stage 1 is designed to inspire the serious practitioner to new levels of being, both on and off the mat. The intensives will radically expand your practice as you explore the art of yoga in a fun, safe, and informed environment. Stage 1 is a prerequisite to Stage 2 and is perfect for anyone looking to take their practice to the next level.

Stage 2

Stage 2 consists of a 100-hour Teaching Intensive that is sub-divided into 3 parts. Stage 2 is intended to skillfully guide and prepare the most dedicated and qualified students to take the seat of the teacher by offering effective language skills that will help even those not interested in teaching to better communicate their Truth! Stage 2 is perfect for teachers looking to take their practice and teaching to the next level or for anyone wanting to better communicate their Truth with clarity and confidence!

Completion of both Stage 1 and Stage 2 is part of a certifiable Hatha yoga program that is Yoga Alliance Registered.

This Master Intensive is all about the PRACTICE!

We will explore advanced level poses and sequences and radically expand our pranayama and meditation practices. 

This intensive is open to advanced level of yoga participants and counts towards the CY 300 Transformative Yoga Path. 

Date: 9-11 November, 2018

Hours: 13.00 – 18.00

Price: 255 Euros

Location: Cihangir Yoga- Istinye, Istanbul

For further information:, Cihangir Yoga- İstinye +90 212 277 11 90

The Master Intensives with Chris Chavez that are part of  The Cihangir Yoga 300 Hour Path to Transformative Living and Teaching, is a complete certification program that meets the highest international yoga standards and marks the successful completion of 500-hour certification through Yoga Alliance.

Continue to expand your journey towards your True-Self!

I realize that participating in a yoga training is a substantial investment of time and money, so picking the right training and teacher can be a bit stressful. Here are answers to the most common questions that I receive from students interested in training with me.

is this training for me?

Q: I’m relatively new to yoga, but I love it and I want to go deeper. Is this training for me?

A: Absolutely! The main requirements I have for someone to participate in my trainings are the desire to learn more about yoga and a willingness to have fun!!!

Q: I don’t think I want to teach, but I would like to know more about yoga and expand my practice. Is this training for me?

A: I understand that not everyone desires to teach yoga, especially in the beginning. However, there are many students that participate in our trainings because they have experienced the power of the teachings in their everyday lives.

Q: I can’t do all the poses that I’ve seen in yoga books or on posters. Can I do this training?

A: Yes. Like all the material in this training, the physical practice is also sequential. We will systematically build your practice from the ground up using your own understanding of the tools and methodology to guide you towards a stronger and more seasoned practice.

Q: I don’t know much about yoga philosophy, should I study a bit more before doing this training?

A: I assume that most trainees have little or no understanding of yoga history or philosophy in the beginning. My job will be to skillfully guide you through the wide range of topics that make up the yoga tradition. I try to make all of the teachings practical, accessible, and enjoyable – be prepared to laugh a lot!

Q: Do I need to be teaching already before I take this training?

A: No. Although many experienced teachers do take this training as a way of deepening their knowledge of teaching, I have designed this training with the understanding that the majority of teacher trainees have never taught before – I will assume that you have never taught and I will skillfully guide you forward from there!

certification & yoga alliance

Q: Is this training a Yoga Alliance registered Training?

A: Yes. “Chris Chavez Yoga” is a registered Yoga Alliance School.

Q: If I complete both Stage One and Stage Two, will I be eligible to register as an RYT-200 Teacher through YYoga Alliance?

A: Yes. Since this training is a registered training with Yoga Alliance, upon completion of both Stage One and Stage Two, you can register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 hour level.

Q: If I complete both Stage One and Stage Two, will I receive a certificate that “certifies” me as a hatha yoga teacher?

A: Yes. Upon completion of both Stage One and Stage Two, you will receive a certificate that certifies you as a Hatha Yoga Teacher through the Chris Chavez Yoga school.

Q: What does being a certified hatha yoga teacher mean?

A: The physical practice of yoga is commonly referred to as hatha yoga. Upon completion of The 200-hour Path, you will be “certified” to teach hatha yoga.

format & location

Q: I am a teacher with “X” years of experience and I’ve already done “X” number of teacher trainings, can I skip Stage 1 and start with Stage 2?

A. No. Stage 1 is geared towards a specific methodology and practice, and as such are meant to cultivate a deep understanding of The True Principles of Alignment. Stage 2 of this training gives you a whole new set of tools that will empower you to teach what you learned in Stage 1.

Q: Can I take different segments in different cities with you?

A: Yes. I have systemized the program so that you can take any portion of the training in any city of your choosing (as long as it is sequential). The tuition for each training and section will vary and will be specific to that training in that city, please contact the local host for details on pricing.

Q: Do you offer this training in a format that does not take so long?

A: Not yet. I have designed the training with the understanding that great teaching not only requires knowledge, but great teaching also requires experience! I have consciously spaced out each section of the training to allow you time to embody the teachings.

Q: Is there a lot of physical practice during the training or is it primarily lecture based?

A: You will have at least one full practice during each day of the training. I have done my best to make sure that the trainings are balanced in its presentation of material (lecture/practice). Everything that I teach will have a practical relevance in the body, which I will want you to experience – even with regards to philosophy!


Q: Do you give a lot of homework?

A: Not as much as I used to! The Homework is minimal and is designed to systematically expose you to material that we may not have time to cover in class as well as to reinforce material that is covered in class. The Homework will keep you immersed in the material when we are not together and is purely for your benefit!!! I will randomly pick homework from the web site to make sure that we are all moving forward together.

Q: I have a busy life. What happens if I don’t finish all the homework on time?

A: Since the homework is for your benefit, do it when you have time, it should not diminish your love for the practice! I will set deadlines for homework submission as a way of keeping you on track so that it’s not too overwhelming for you. Again, this is your training… you will get out of it what you put in!

Q: Is there some sort of training site that I will have access to once I am registered?

A: Yes. Each training will have a dedicated site where you will be able to login to get homework, submit homework, post photos, post on the community board, view the reading list for the training, etc. This is a tool that you will use to keep you connected to me and to your fellow trainees throughout the training.

can i teach?

Q: After completing both Stage One and Stage Two, will I be ready to teach?

A: Absolutely! Upon completion, many of our trainees begin teaching in established yoga studios around the world, often times before they have even completed the training.

Q: After completion of both Stage One and Stage Two, will I be able to teach Power, Flow, Vinyasa, or Hot classes?

A: Absolutely. You will receive the tools necessary for great teaching, period! How you apply the tools will be up to you. I have spent many years developing this training so that upon completion of both Stage One and Stage Two, you will have the experience and confidence necessary to skillfully move a group of students no matter what kind of class it is.


Q: What language is the training taught in?

A: All trainings are taught in English. In cities where English is not the main language and if there are a substantial amount of students needing translation, translation will be provided. Please check with the local host if you require translation.

Q: Does translation slow the flow of information down?

A: No. I have done many trainings with translation and have refined the process so that it does not disrupt the flow and energy of the training.

i have an injury

Q: I have a physical injury that may limit me from participating in the physical part of the training, can I still join?

A: Yes. I realize that we all have times in our lives when we are not at our optimum physically. If for some reason you are not able to participate fully in the practice, just being in the room will expose you to a wealth of knowledge. All I ask from you, is that you do your best! And as long as you communicate with me, I will do my best to accommodate you.

i am pregnant

Q: I am “X” months pregnant, can I still join the training?

A: Yes. Even if your physical participation is limited, just being in the room will allow you to see and learn things that will elevate the entire experience for you. I do understand that as the pregnancy progresses you will have different physical needs, as long as you communicate with me, I will do my best to accommodate you.

what happens after it’s over?

Q: When the training is over, will you still be available to help guide me in my teaching?

A: I am continuously mentoring hundreds of teachers world wide that have completed our trainings. When you finish this training, it’s just the beginning and I will be there to help guide you along the way!!


Q: Who do I contact with logistical questions like the times of the training, location, parking, accommodation, etc.?

A: The local studio or host will have all the logistical information for the training.

Q: How do I register for the training?

A: Contact the local studio or host, they should be able to get you registered.

Q: Will I need to buy books for the training?

A: Yes. Once you have registered, you will be invited to the dedicated training site where you will have access to the required reading list. Most hosting studios will carry all the books you will need; if not, you can easily purchase them online.

Q: Are there any deadlines for registration?

A: Yes. Each training will have some sort of deadline, this is to ensure that we have ample time to invite all trainees to the training web site where they will find the reading list that will be required for the training (it will take time to order and receive your books). Also, due to the limited space of most yoga studios, spots will be granted on a first come first serve basis – do your best to register early!

If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered here, please get in touch.



For the 200 Hour TT, Parts 1-3 focus on the practice and study of yoga and Parts 4-6 focus on the actual teaching of yoga. All six sections must be completed before continuing on to the 300 Hour Master Path training.

The 500 Hour Path with Chris Chavez marks the successful completion of both The 200 Hour Chris Chavez Path to Teaching & The 300 Hour Master Path Teacher Training with Chris Chavez.