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Answering Questions towards 200 Hour YTT

We have good news for İstinye yogis!!! My CY Advanced classes on March 22nd and April 5th will be open to ALL-LEVELS!!! I will be available before and after classes to answer questions about my 200 hour training that will be starting in April. Places are limited please sign in…


200 Hr Path to Teaching

Registrations started for my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training ! The Chris Chavez Path To Teaching is a Yoga Alliance certified training and will start on April 7. This Training is offered in two separate and sequential stages. Stage 1 is designed to inspire any practitioner to new levels of being,…



As a person who is addicted to routines, this has been a hard life lesson for me! As I seek out adventures that ignite my soul, I inevitably find that I gravitate towards the known and familiar… why?! Because I know what to expect! As much as I crave new…


Change is inevitable

I am one of those people that tends to put sooooo much emotional energy on things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things… those of you that are close to me, I can hear you saying, “you think?!” As my life takes unexpected twists and turns and when…


Lotus Handstand

Lotus in a handstand! The unfolding of the practice, like the unfolding of the heart, takes time and hard work! A little bit of sweat and tears goes a long way!! Day 2 of the Master Practice Intensive ROCKED! LOVE!!!


200 Hour Path to Teaching

When we start the journey, we don’t know what we don’t know. Along the way we gain experience, insights, and a deeper knowing of our hearts. At some point, we desire to share our Truths with others! Teach Yoga!!:)) My next 200 Hour Path to Teaching starts in April 2017…


“I am grateful!”

“I am grateful!” This has been my mantric medicine on days when my emotional waves seem to overwhelm me… YES! I do have days where the clouds roll in for no reason and block the light of my spirit… when this happens, I have made it my practice to express…



THANK YOU ALL! I feel blessed to be allowed to guide and serve you on this journey! I know how much time, energy and resources it takes to get this far!! With all my heart, I LOVE and thank you ALL!



Zurich! See you next weekend on March 5-6 at Air Yoga. LOVE! The Lotus of the Heart In these heart centered practices, we will draw inspiration from a few ancient versus and use them to guide us ever deeper towards our own Truth and Unity. We will explore more advanced…