This is what happens when you have a teacher trainer (me) as a student who does EXACTLY what you ask him to do!!:))) A visual reminder, that when we don’t say what we actually mean, thinks can get twisted and fucked up super quick:))))))



Lately, I have been trying to make this my practice. BE LOVE! When I get weighted down by the stories of my mind, the contractions can be so intense, that it feels as if my mind has no space for anything else – even beauty! When I feel myself being…



MY BEST! Today I had my fastest run!! Technically, not my fastest… my fastest was .163 seconds faster; HOWEVER! A crow tried to take my hat TWICE while I was running and I had to turn around and chase it off, so I’m certain that I can take a half…


Last Few Spots left for Master Intensive in May

Chris Chavez Master Intensive will take place on May 4 – 8, 2016 at Cihangir Yoga İstinye! In this Master Intensive, Chris will show you how to unlock the meaning behind Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and use the sutras as a way of cultivating the “Vertical Aspects” of your teaching and…


Yoga Conference Germany on May 28-29,2016

Europe! Join me at Yoga Conference Germany on May 28-29, 2016 for three workshops: ‘Hug the Midline’, ‘The Power of One’, ‘Inversion Conversation’ that include intoxicating inversions, exhilarating arm balances, heart-pumping backbends, and mind-dissolving meditations! Every level of student will be supported and challenged. Visit yogaconference.de for more info and…


From Teachers’ Meeting at Cihangir Yoga

So blessed to be a part of this amazing community of teachers at Cihangir Yoga . To have so many talented and beautiful beings practicing, laughing, supporting, and meditating with one another is truly a blessing and a GIFT! These teachers do SO much to bring light into this world…