Today I had my fastest run!!
Technically, not my fastest… my fastest was .163 seconds faster; HOWEVER! A crow tried to take my hat TWICE while I was running and I had to turn around and chase it off, so I’m certain that I can take a half second off for that and still sleep good at night:)

All this week in classes, I have been teaching the value of just showing up and doing your best as a way of accessing your best! Today’s run, was an example of that for me!!

When I woke, it was rainy and stormy outside and I had no intention of running. When the rain stopped for a bit, I thought… what the hell?!

As I ran, the waves crashed the shore and the wind in my eyes made me cry, I was trying to outrun the coming storm. As I approached my last 2 minutes I knew I was close to my fastest run, so i picked up the pace and that’s when the crow dive-bombed for my hat, TWICE!

As I finished, my heart was pounding, my lungs felt like they would explode and I felt like crying from just knowing that i gave it my ALL!

Technically it was my second best according to my running app… but according to me and that crow, it was the best that I have to give as I am right

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